Fantasy Cricket on KhelChamps

What is Fantasy Cricket?

In India, where cricket is religion, no wonder fantasy sports, especially fantasy cricket, have become popular within no time. But what exactly is fantasy cricket and how to play cricket fantasy contests?

Fantasy cricket game is an online game in which virtual teams of real cricket players are created. Based on the performance of the selected players, points are scored; if your team ranks higher in a contest, you win real cash, as per the specific contest.

Play fantasy cricket online and stand a chance to win big by using your cricketing knowledge. Cricket fantasy leagues in 2020 are going to reach more people and are set to achieve heights of popularity. In India, online fantasy cricket is a big thing and gets a great response, especially during high-profile team India matches and Indian Fantasy League.

New fantasy cricket sites are emerging almost daily where you can play online fantasy cricket game. You can also join free fantasy cricket contests on such platforms. Among the new fantasy cricket sites, there is one 100% Indian fantasy cricket game site called KhelChamps; so, play fantasy cricket online on this platform. Depending upon how accurate your fantasy cricket prediction is, you can win exciting cash prizes. The accuracy of your fantasy cricket prediction will depend you’re your analysing skill of various factors. Experience real fantasy cricket like never before by playing on top fantasy cricket sites in India.

How to Play Cricket Fantasy Leagues on KhelChamps?

KhelChamps is a popular online fantasy sports platform that provides you with an enhanced fantasy sports experience. To get started with playing on KhelChamps, you need to download the app – available for Android and IOS users, from KhelChamps website.

After downloading the KhelChamps app, register on the same with your mobile number. Create a user id and set a password to start your fantasy sports journey on KhelChamps, get your fantasy cricket prediction right and win real cash.

How to create a real fantasy cricket team?

Creating an online fantasy cricket team on new fantasy cricket website and top fantasy cricket sites in India requires some cricketing knowledge, ability to analyse various factors such as players’ recent form, pitch type, weather, and so on.

On the KhelChamps app to set a team, you first have to select the match. Then join any contest for the selected match. If you are new to the fantasy cricket world, you can start your journey by joining free fantasy cricket contests. Here, you need to pick eleven players for your fantasy cricket game team. Players can be selected from wicket-keeper (1-4), batsmen (3-6), bowler (3-6), and all-rounder (1-4) categories.

Credit points are assigned against each player. You only have a total of 100 credit points, so choose your team smartly. Choose a captain and a vice-captain from the selected 11 players. Your captain and vice-captain will make a massive difference to the points your team scores, as captain gets 2x points while vice-captain gets 1.5x points.

How many teams can we create in order to play cricket fantasy games?

For a given contest on KhelChamps, you can select a maximum of 6 teams. The probability of you winning will increase if you set more teams in a given contest. So, if in doubt, try multiple combinations and set your teams on the KhelChamps app. There are also various free fantasy cricket contests that you can join.

What is the point system in Fantasy Cricket on KhelChamps?

The more points your team scores, the more your chances of winning. But how exactly does your fantasy cricket team scores points? This entirely depends on the fantasy point system on KhelChamps. In fantasy cricket game on KhelChamps, point system differs depending upon the game format – ODI, Test, T20, and T10. Points allocated to various players depend on multiple factors such as scoring rate, economy rate, number of boundaries scored, and so on. While a captain scores twice the standard points, vice-captain scores 1.5 times the standard points. Hence, choosing the right captain and vice-captain will make a massive difference in the outcome. Play cricket fantasy contests, that also include free fantasy cricket contests, on 100% Indian fantasy sports platform, KhelChamps.

What is my Earning Potential if I play Fantasy Cricket?

On any new India fantasy cricket site, if you possess basic cricketing knowledge, are able to analyse a game based on various factors, and can choose the right captain and vice-captain for a particular game, then sky is the limit when it comes to earning potential. To improve your chances of winning, you can always set multiple teams (upper limit being 6) for a given contest or join free fantasy cricket contests for practise purpose.

With so much earning potential, what’s stopping you from being rich? Come download the KhelChamps app, play fantasy cricket online, and start making Real Cash for fun!

Is Fantasy Cricket Safe and Legal?

KhelChamps is the safest and secure platform for playing India fantasy cricket online. With easy deposits and quick withdrawals, KhelChamps offers a smooth user experience. The entire process of deposit and withdrawal is secure, so your earned money is all yours.

India fantasy cricket being the game of skill, is completely legal in India, and that is why we see many new fantasy cricket websites coming in the market. It is not a game of chance, as it depends on your various skills such as analysing.

Now, ‘games of skills’ are those whose outcomes are determined by skill factors such as expertise, judgements, knowledge, and so on. Hence, these games do not fall under the category of gambling and are not restricted by laws prohibiting gambling. While ‘games of chance’ are those games where luck majorly determines the outcome of the game. In such games, you have insufficient ability to influence the outcome of the game through analysis or decision-making abilities. These games of chance do fall under gambling and are prohibited under anti-gambling laws.

For a game to be considered as ‘game of skill’ under the Indian law, the element of skill must be greater than the element of chance in determining the outcome of the game. In simpler words, the legality of a game in India is determined by the amount of skill involved in the game.

In some Indian states – Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Sikkim, and Nagaland, any game that involves mixed chance and skill cannot be played for real money. Hence, India Fantasy Cricket cannot be enjoyed in the above-mentioned states.

How to download KhelChamps App to play fantasy cricket?

To enjoy the best of KhelChamps App, you need to download it first. KhelChamps app is available for Android as well as iOS users. Visit the KhelChamps website and download the version that is compatible with your device. KhelChamps is among the top fantasy cricket sites in India, play fantasy cricket online on this platform.

Start your Fantasy Sports journey and Earn Real Cash for fun only on KhelChamps!!