Know All About the Most Dangerous Batsman in IPL as of 2020

Posted on March 10th, 2022

Avid IPL fans may already know all about the most dangerous batsman in IPL. However, it would be unfair if we just one player while deciding dangerous batsman in IPL. There are so many cricketers who play well on the field and impress the audiences. There are many names that come to mind when we try to decide who is dangerous batsman in IPL. Each of these players have given fierce performances and ensured to maintain their team’s reputation. That is why here we have shared with you the top 10 dangerous batsman in IPL. Read to find out why these players are regarded as dangerous.

Ab De Villiers

Cricket fans know this player very well. There can’t be an IPL fan who is doubtful why this player falls in the top 10 most dangerous batsman in IPL list. There are many fans who would concur on this name when asked who is the most dangerous batsman in the IPL. This is becauseAb De Villiers’ fierce batting technique beats even the best cricket players. This player is one of those regarded as most dangerous player in IPL because of their consistency in performance in the IPL matches. The player is really fierce and has achieved success with last minute performances. No one will debate on who is most dangerous batsman in IPL after they check out this player’s performance.

Chris Gayle

When we discuss dangerous batsman of IPL, how can we miss out on Chris Gayle. This player has shown the world many times why he deserves his place on the top in most dangerous batsman in the IPL list. The player is reputed for his mind-blowing performances. This very dangerous batsman in IPL has made the quickest century in the history of IPL. He also acquired the highest T20 individual score of 175 in 66 balls. This most dangerous player in IPL made 13 fours and 17 sixes in that match. It is not surprising that this most dangerous player in IPL is regarded as an ambassador for IPL matches.

David Warner

You might surely have thought about this player when we started discussing dangerous batsman of IPL. The player is often referred to as the most successful overseas batsman. David Warner is always on the top of the list when we think of dangerous batsman of IPL. You won’t wonder who is the dangerous batsman in ipl once you see David Warner’s performance. He is a player who shows consistent performance in IPL matches. David Warner is also referred to as the warrior many times because he has crossed the 5000-runs mark in Indian Premier League. David Warner who is the most dangerous batsman in the ipl has stunned his audiences with a bashing performance. This player started off in IPL as a middle order batsman. However, his consistent performance gained him the reputation of world dangerous batsman in ipl. He was entrusted with the role of an opener for the team.

Virat Kohli

There is no one name you can call out while asking who is most dangerous batsman in ipl. There are several batsmen who have shown fierce performances during IPL matches. Virat Kohli is a name that you can’t afford to forget while listing out very dangerous batsman in ipl. This player has been a part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore since the year 2008. He is also the captain of the Indian Cricket Team at present. Kohli who is most dangerous batsman in ipl has acquired this reputation because he is improving constantly. He trained under cricketing legends like Anil Kumble and Rahul Dravid. The player proved himself through his performance in batting and fielding. This is the only player who was retained by the team RCB in 2011. History reveals that ipl dangerous batsman are the ones who show quality and consistency in performance.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

There is no one name that comes to mind while thinking of most dangerous batsman in ipl 2020. Every season has its performers to stun the audiences. M.S Dhoni is one such name that stays fresh in the minds of the cricket lovers. The former captain of the Indian Cricket Team has earned his name as ipl most dangerous batsman. There are several Chennai Super Kings’ fans who will simultaneously say this name when we ask who is most dangerous batsman in ipl. The 2010 victory of the CSK team shows this player’s positive outlook towards cricket. Being an ipl dangerous batsman, M.S Dhoni led his team to the finals and finished second in his first IPL season. It is not surprising that the ipl dangerous batsman has so many fans.

Andre Russell

This is ipl most dangerous batsman who is best for matches that have limited overs. The player who is most dangerous batsman in ipl has acquired the reputation because of his power hitting trend. Multiple injuries and lack of proper opportunities could be the reason he is not on the top of the most dangerous batsman in ipl 2019 list. In the year 2015, the player made an individual 326 runs. He also made three fifties. No one will ever question why the player is named among most dangerous player in ipl 2019 if they have witnessed his performance in the past.

Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina who is most dangerous batsman in ipl has scored 5368 runs in IPL tournament making him the fifth highest scorer. Many people have no queries about who is most dangerous batsman in ipl because they are ardent fans of Suresh Raina. This player made some stunning records in the 2015 IPL match against opponent team King’s XI Punjab. This was the stunning match where Suresh Raina made 87 runs from just 25 deliveries. The player managed to bring back the spirits of his CSK team so that they could play at their natural best.

Kieron Pollard

Many overseas players made their reputation during the 2010 World Cup. They paved a way for future performances in IPL. A classic example of such a player is Kieron Pollard. This player from Mumbai Indians is often referred to as the Destroyer. The player boasts of IPL career total of 3023 runs and strike rate of 150. Cricket fans around the world know about his superior performance. In the 2019 IPL, Pollard made 83 runs of 31 balls adding excitement to the tournament.

Hardik Pandya

If the question still lurks in your mind as to who is the dangerous batsman in ipl 2020, let us explore a bit further. Hardik Pandya is a name synonymous with risk-taking and adventure loving player. This cricketer has played several match winning innings for Mumbai Indians. In 2015, this player scored 21 runs from 8-balls while being a low order batsman. The player improved his performance and reputation with each passing year. He showed his best performance in the year 2019 against Kolkata Knight Riders. He made 91 runs in just 34 deliveries. This increased the total of Mumbai Indians to 198. The performance will be remembered even though the match was not won.

Glenn Maxwell

This Australian player is known to all the cricket fans. The player is known to take his team King’s XI Punjab singlehandedly to the finals in 2014. He once made 90 runs in 38 balls in that innings. While he never made a century, he made 89 to 95 runs in each of these matches. He surely deserves a place in the most dangerous batsmen list because of his superior yet consistent performance.

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