Here are the Most Immaculate Bowlers of Cricket History

Posted on March 10th, 2022

Cricket fans around the world would agree that cricket is not just about batting. Bowlers also contribute greatly to the success and failure of a cricket team in the matches that are held. Here we are going to speak about the world’s greatest bowlers and their contributions to the cricket world. Check out this post to learn more about the mind-blowing performance of some immaculate bowlers of all times. Here we go:

Anil Kumble

When we speak of exceptional bowlers from India, Anil Kumble is the name that first comes to your mind. The bowler was India’s highest wicket-taker and he used his height to his benefit while bowling. The bowler not just did spin bowling but also combined this with high-speed bowling to stun the batsman out of his wits. The bowler has acquired the reputation for taking more than 600 wickets in his career span.

Courtney Walsh

The West Indies team have always been known for their superior performance in cricket. It is not surprising that Courtney Walsh makes his name in the list of top bowlers around the world. The player managed to scare the opponents with his fierce bowling performance. This bowler had a long career of 17 years before he retired from the West Indies team. His performance wreaked fear in the opponents for nearly a decade.

Muttiah Muralitharan

The Sri Lankan team can never forget the role this cricket coach played as a bowler. Muralitharan was dreaded by the opponents for the crafty spins he bowled that left the opponent completely dazed and confused. The player is known for his legendary doosra and off-breaks. He has taken over 800 plus wickets in his entire career. His superior performance earned him the title of being the highest wicket taker not just in the Sri Lankan team but in the history of International Cricket too.

Jim Laker

This player has been responsible for many a win for England. The player Jim Laker has always shown consistent performance as a bowler. He has been responsible for taking 10 wickets in a single innings. This led him to have 19 wickets to his credit in a single match. England surely owes him some great match victories.

Shane Warne

Anyone who is a fan of cricket has surely heard of Shane Warne. When you name all the best spinners in cricket, this player’s name surely comes in the top few. His ability to spin ball in surprising proportions got the best out of opponent players. Shane Warne is a legendary bowler who was also the recipient of the ‘ball of the century’ title. He has been responsible for many a win for his team.

Wasim Akram

Pakistan is yet another cricket team that is rampant with truly remarkable bowlers. This remarkable bowler stunned the cricket fans with his superior bowling skills. Bowling a yorker is no child’s play. Wasim Akram managed to do exceptional yorker deliveries. Wasim Akram was a reputed swing bowler who managed to show consistent performance in his bowling skills. It is not surprising that this player won many wickets for his team during his cricket career.

Good cricket is never limited to batting. A good game is one where the bowling as well as batting is immaculate. All these bowlers listed above made sure to spice up the cricket matches so that the viewers could enjoy them. Till the next cricket tournament is telecast on the screen, you can enjoy cricket fun online on Khelchamps app with fantasy cricket matches. Execute your cricket gaming skills to make money online.

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