All You Must Know About the IPL 2020 winner team

Posted on March 10th, 2022

Cricket is a feeling that India, as a nation, shares. This is a nation that follows cricket as if it is culture. As the new season of IPL will soon arrive, let us have a glimpse of the IPL 2020 winner team. In this post we have shared all that you must know about the IPL 2020 winners and how they have achieved their position in IPL.

Who is the winner of IPL 2020?

If you are ardent fan of cricket and IPL, you may already know the answer to this question. Mumbai Indians (MI) were the IPL 2020 final match winners.The grand finale of the IPL 2020 took place in Dubai. Mumbai Indians beat their opponents Delhi Capitals (DC) by 5 wickets to win the title. The MI team had Rohit Sharma as the captain while DC had Shreyas Iyer as the captain. This made it MI’s fifth IPL win.

Some Highlights of the MI Victory

The IPL 2020 final winner MI became the second team after Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to defend their title in IPL. Rohit Sharma put up a stunning performance in the match. He made 68 runs in just 51 balls. The bowler Trent Boult sent away the openers from the opponent team early. The death bowlers from MI kept a tight check and prevented the DC team from making any huge scores. The DC managed to set a target of 157 runs for the MI to chase. The openers from MI started aggressively and seemed like they would wind up the game soon. All this eventually added up to the victory of Mumbai Indians a fifth time in IPL.

Some Facts About DC Defeat

DC had for the first time reached the finals of IPL. The team won the toss and decided to bat. However, they did not start strong the way it was expected. The team had high expectations from players like Marcus Stoinis and Shikhar Dhawan. Sadly, Marcus Stoinis returned to pavilion after the very first ball. Shikhar Dhawan’s assumed form wasn’t visible in the game. He too got out pretty early. This made the future dark for Shreyas Iyer’s team. Shreyas Iyer and Rishabh Pant did try their bit to rebuild the team’s scores. The tight bowling spree from MI prevented this from happening. Rishabh Pant made his first half century in IPL cricket but soon lost his wicket. The duo made a 96-run partnership that provided a strong basis for the DC to compete. The captain also managed to make a half century in just 40 balls. In the final three overs of the match, DC managed to make just 20 runs. They also lost 3 wickets eventually leading to their loss. The match was exciting to watch. The viewers are anticipating similar excitement even in the next season of IPL. If you are an IPL fan with good knowledge of the players and the teams, KhelChamps app is a must have. The app allows you to enjoy IPL fantasy games online. You can build your team to compete in the IPL. If your players perform well, you may even end up making cash. Just visit the KhelChamps website and download the app for your device. The app is designed to be compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. Enjoy endless IPL fantasy cricket on your smartphones.

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