About Us

KhelChamps is an assisted Fantasy Sports Skill Gaming platform available on mobile application which offers fantasy skill sports like cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, and others to be added in the future. KhelChamps is solely owned & managed by Sachar Gaming Pvt Ltd.

We are a nation of enthusiastic sports lovers who follows their favourite sports devotedly. When it comes to the most popular sports pick; Cricket is a sport followed like a religion tailed by other most popular sports like football, kabaddi, basketball, and more.

Our love for sports has elevated us to that next level where we tend to play with our sports champions which sometimes makes us feel that our strategies could have had been better and made a difference in the match. To fix this our KhelChamps team comes in at this interval to fix this juncture. We bring to you a power pact gaming platform that will bring all the marvellous games from the field to your mobile screen. Where every score from the match will be cherished. And every nail-biting moment will add value to your gaming experience. This is what we have included in KhelChamps – Fantasy Skill Sports. A one-stop platform for all the fantasy sports and for you to showcase your passion & skills for the games.

No more fantasizing on strategies during a live match… Create your own personalised team and start playing now!! An experience so unique, strategically crafted & replicating those same “nail-biting” moments of a LIVE match that you will love it. Welcome to KhelChamps League where you build, you play & you earn.